Want Digital Speed/Odo/Trip

I have a 00WR400 and would like to replace my stock tripometer with a good digital all-in-one speedometer/Odometer/Tripometer. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Somebody on the 400 thumpers website has one for sale. I think his post is here.

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I'm about to install my new Panoram cycle computer (topeak.com). It's got a large easy to read 3-section display, with several speed, time, and maintenance functions. The wire to the sensor will definitely need to be lenghtened. Routing the wire and mounting the supplied magnet to the wheel may be a bit of a challenge (it's got a narrow slot for bicycle spokes). I'll let you know how it works out...

I went to topeak.com and saw the Panoram cycle computer. That thing looks really cool. It sounds like you got the wirless Panoram, which I think goes for about $60. I am really curious as to how well it works. Please let me know after you try it out. Thanks.

Hey Powerband:

Do a searches for speedo, sigma, and cateye. There has been a lot of discussion on this subject in the past.

Beware of the wireless types, too much interference from the spark plug / ignition.

Hope this helps,


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Hey Steve!

I was pondering the same computer. A couple of weeks ago we had a similar thread going, it got me thinking and I looked around and came up with the same computer.

I've been procarastinating, but am very very interested in how you mount it. Please keep in touch on your progress. I think I'll get one next week and try my luck.

If you dont mind after you get started I might pick your brain...


All you need to do is order a replacement sensor and magnet kit from Baja Designs ($30 includes brackets, protected cable instructions etc.) then just splice the wires on any bike computor/speedo and hey presto..

Don't forget to replace the old speedo drive with YZ spacer & seal.

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