XL600R Fuel Screw

My fuel adjustment screw snapped off flush on my '87 XL600R. :thumbsup: I have tried to order a new one from my dealer and Service Honda but they say they are discontinued. :thumbsup: I do have another set of carbs off a '83 but the adjustment screw is different.

Does anyone happen to know where I can find a new (or used) fuel screw?

Or does anyone know if the Dynajet Stage 2 kit includes a new Fuel Adjustment screw?

I'll need to use an easy out to remove the screw, and thought about brazing the piece that broke off back on... but if something goes wrong, I'm not riding. The bike runs great now, I would just like to fix it for future adjustments.

Thanks, Aaron

Go to www.hondaparts-direct.com/ and click on the parts finder. It will ask you for year, make and model. Then you can search by section of bike (Air Cleaner is the first one). With the-drop down menu, select Carbureator 85-87. You should find what ever you need there.

No luck there either.

Also tried ohiocycle.com, retrobike.com, and westernhillshondayamaha.com with no luck. :thumbsup:

Well I finally removed it today with an easyout. Thought I would give this a bump to see if anyone has a good fuel screw laying around or knows where to get one.

If not I plan on soldering the shank and head of a small screw into this one. I hope it works.

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