350 banshee vs. WR400

I have a friend that has a 87' 350 banshee w/ fmf pipes and power reeds on it, he thought he was the $h!t with that thing. I told him what I bought and he says "Why did you buy a four stroke, those are slow". So I said "I don't know I like how they look, handle and I like the power of WR400, its fast enough for me". Needless to say we eventually lined them up few times, and geuss what I beat 'em every time {even without the baffle or filter lid removed}. LOL Well ya know what he is going friday to pick up a 00' banshee. How do you all think I will run with him now, will he take me now or what. Man I hope not.

I only have one thought. GOOD LUCK!! He will probably take you in a flat our drag race. But you can kick his butt IN EVERY SINGLE OTHER AREA!! Just dont let him for get that.

P.S In my last harescrable there were mini riders on 80's going faster than the guys on 4 wheelers!! Now thats funny!!!

2000 wr400, Dude don't even worry about the Banshee. I have repeatedly blown away a brand new one and it was no sweat. Although that was with the 426 throttle stop, air box lid removed, and exhaust baffle removed. Just make sure you are launching in second gear to keep the wheelspin to a minimum.

Angel Boy

A stock 2k banshee will get eaten by a YZ/WR.

If you've beaten one with pipes then you'll beat a new one.

The only changes in the Banshees history were going from a J to a A Arm front suspension in the later 80's.



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Rubber Chicken Racing

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