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The dvr needle, 4th position in my 2000 is a Stroker spec. for 0-6000 ft. I don't see the stock drs needle in your lean to rich chart. what range is the drs compared with the dvr?


I'l give this a shot but James Dean I believe has more specifics. Both needles are "D" so the taper angle after the taper starts is the same. The last letter "R" in DVR and "S" in the DRS indicates the S will be slighly leaner from 0 to 1/8 throttle. the "V" in DVP and the "R" in DRS indicate that the R needle will start the taper sooner and be richer between approx 1/4 and 3/4 throttle once past 3/4 and starting on the main should be little difference.

The DVR will be slighly richer on very bottom the DRS will be slighly richer in the mid and on top very close. I feel both needles will work fine but in different clip positions. I have NO experience with a DRS needle.

Maybe wait for a response from James


The code interpretation is correct.

- First letter is taper (D)

- Second letter is clip height (R-T-V)

- Third letter is straight portion diameter (M-N-P-Q-R-S)

These needles are nearly identical except DRS is 2 clips richer. The DVR 4th position will be exactly the same as DRS 2nd position above 1/4 throttle. Below 1/4 it is almost imperceptible, but DVR is richer.

James Dean

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