can any of you...

whip your WR's around? or do any tricks? i need to learn so i can look good on a vid. we are making.

I found the balance point last saturday. 3rd gear wheelies should be a piece of cake with just a twist of the wrist. 4th takes a little work (sitting on back of seat, pulling up on bars) but then again my bike is stock with the exception of YZ throttle stop, gray wire mod, and little baffle drilled out. Call me a p***Y but I think 4th is too fast for wheelies anyways :thumbsup:

As far as Whipping the bike around, lean it over and turn the handlebar where you want to go, rev her up a little, and dump the clutch. Pivot on your foot so that the bike doesn't wash out from under you.

BTW Darrel, how do you like your JD jetting?

Sorry i cant help because the only whip I can do with my WR is moving it around in the back of the truck while standing next to it liifting the back end up. But the guy I ride with can do them all day long on the track or nice jump on the trail. I have asked to teach me but he says he cant explain how he does them because one day he just starting doing them. Alot is how comfortable you are in the seat. I think it will come naturaly when I get more comfortable with jumping.

yep JSanfilippo got it right for whipping it around. just plant your foot, lock the bars to one side (I always go left....counterclock wise), build up some throttle and dump it.

the easier the surface is to break traction on, the better (wet grass is super easy)

just make sure you have all 90% of your weight on your plant foot, and get ready to hop.

good luck!

Are we talking in air whips, or spinning the rear wheel on the ground? I assumed in air...but you guys thought otherwise....

i was talking about in the air...

joe: i don't have the JD jetting on my bike... just the stuff that came with the GYTR ais remover and it was the same size jets

Just crash. The bigger the better.Always get the viewers in.Don't forget protection.

Just crash. The bigger the better.Always get the viewers in.Don't forget protection.

i never forget protection!!!

well its been a while... any of you guys learn how to do cool stuff yet? lol

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