Post ride maintenance

Just got back from my first weekend ride, awesome, simply awesome. I'm still a newbie to this so any tips regarding post ride clean up and maintenance are welcome.

After the ride, I sprayed the main mud off with the hose, kept it away from the engine and yes it had cooled off. Wiped off the rest and lubed the chain and sprayed some oil in the moving part areas. Anything else I need to do after a ride?



Before picking up the hose, get a golf tee and insert it into the sparkplug drain hole in the head - stop water and crud getting in when you wash your bike and seizing the sparkplug into the head...

There have been a number of posts here recently about washing bikes - seems that 'Simple Green' does a great job, and of course, don't 'Armour-all' the seat or tank... Spray WD-40 onto bolts and pins, and the chain... not so much for lubrication, but to stop surface rust... then to get ready for your next ride, you could check & oil the chain, wash & oil the airfilter, check the spokes, check the engine oil... yo never know when someone will call and want to go riding, no time to do a pre-flight check then...

Then, kick back with a few cold ones whilst the sun sets and admire that wonderful piece of machinery that you just spent the whole day having so much fun on... I think the last part is most important if you can share it with someone who understands... i.e who rides themselves...

Then lock it up in the garage, go to bed and wake up sore, and then do it all again ASAP... :)



Dave- why no armourall??? Is it detrimental to the vinyl and plastics?

I have heard armour-all can dry out plastic and make it brittle over time. Maybe this is why it is not good on the tank. As far as the seat it will make it so slick it will be like you put Criso on your butt (No I haven't done the Criso thing). It's always good for a few laughs to Armour-all your buddies seat when he's not looking though.


Put kickstand down and consume beer right away. If you don't, all the bolts will fall off and it will take way to many beers to put it all back together.

Armour-all brand has been known to dry out plastics and vinyl if left for a long time, so if you must have super shiny plastics, then use something like Meguirs brand Vinyl protectant without the Silicone...

The main reason is that it gets real slippery - add some water and then try holding on... gripper seats no longer grip - fine if you want to slide up on the tank each time you brake, and then slip back to the rear of the seat when you accellerate... A bit would be Ok after a ride, but wipe excess off... the stuff works great on F & R guards, side plates, rims, tyres etc... just not where you make contact - unless you stand 100% of the time...

Try it, and send pics when you do... LOL


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