VorTip, Thumper insert, Stroker insert, Baja Baffle

VorTip, Thumper insert, Stroker insert, Baja Baffle what do we know?

I think it would be very helpful for many of us if those of us that have used these would please post their opinions.

For simplicity sake lets try to compare the sound level and power of these units to the stock exhaust with the baffle (94dB) and the stock exhaust open (104dB).

Thanks much!


Hey JJ.

Check out my reply at the end of the topic:

What do you all think about the power bomb and power squar iv-2 combo


Thanks Bryan.

How quiet and how much power does the Stroker give compared to the stock baffle?

What makes you think that the Stoker will be more quiet than the Baja?

Thanks again!


When using either the Vortip or Stroker

insert, which cam timing gives best results,

WR or YZ?

I'VE been running the stroker baffle for the past couple weeks. There is a noticable reduction in noise at idle and low rpm and some reduction at full throttle. I just drag raced my buddy this past weekend that has a 00 wr set up exactly like mine less the baffle, we were dead even through the gears on two runs. One thing that i feel with the insert is that it seems to give my bike more bottom end. I know this sounds weird but i feel a difference.


I use a Vortip whenever I go to parks in the Sierra Nevada's out here in the west, when I ride desert I will take it out, and to be perfectly honest with you I cant really tell the difference!! My dad has the same WR with the same exact set up as I and we drag-raced as well and we were dead even. The Vortip makes my bike sounds like a sewing machine!!


98WR400,stock pipe,WR timing,Fineline Sus.Scotts top clamp & stabilizer,Pro-tapers,Pacemaker3,IMS 3.3,4.0,YZ seat IMS pegs,Devol guards,YZ plastic,Factory effex kit,Vortip (sometimes),Drivin DS kit (sometimes).

I am also trying to quiet down my YZ400 for some trips

to Kennedy Meadows. What exactly is the VORtip and

where can you get them?? I am currently running the

Procircuit pipe & header combo which makes excellent

power, but to much noise...

Mike P

Prairie Dogs M/c


Mike P, Funny you're going to Kennedy Meadows, I've been riding there for 25 years, even thought they've closed alot of it, its still fun and beautiful. The Vortip that I have will only work on the stock WR exhaust. The rangers up their wont really bug you if you stay off the street. They will however cruise into the campgrounds ( Fish creek, Troy meadows) and check for green sticker and spark arresters!m I dont think there's a sound limit. Have fun, Dan

I too have been riding up a Kenney meadows etc. for the past 28years and over the past 8 years have been sound checked many times. I average four to six trips every year. My bikes a always dual sported so I can ride all roads and trails. I have flunked the tests but when I did I either repacked my muffler or removed disks until I passed. I always go up there with muffler packing and exhaust tuning stuff so I know I will be able to get the bike quiet.

Hopefully, it will remain open with all the roadless forrest initiaitves, etc. They close it down I move to where you can ride even it it has to be on a USA border. That is after I retire which will be soon.


Thanks for the reply regarding Kennedy. I did find out

from Tom at Fineline that the Vortip will not fit the

yz, so I am still looking. I have been riding Kennedy

for about ten years and have never been sound tested, but I try to do my part to keep the thing quiet.

If anyone is interested, we have a club ride going up to

Kennedy June 24th&25th. We are all on green stickers, so we will have chase trucks meet us at points

to put together about a 90 mile loop. Let me know if interested, all levels are welcome....


Mike P

Mike P, I might be interested in going with you guys to Kennedy, I know their are others on this site that live within a couple of hours, Clark Mason, Steve Morgan, Mike Schoemaker and myself. I'll try to work it out. Have a good weekend, Dan

I am using the Baja Designs Baffle. Well-made, looks pretty good, and is reasonably quiet.


I'm currently planning to go to Kennedy/TRoy from June 2-6 then down to Kernville on June 7 to ride the Dual Dogs D/S ride June 10-11. I will ride out of Kernville on June 8-9 and do the local trails and roads.


Has anyone used more than one of these baffles and like one better than another? I'd like to try and narrow my choices down...


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