Motard Update

G'day All,

It looks like the series is a goer. There is another demo session planned within the next few weeks.

I am one step away from completion. I have the rims (anodized royal blue), the hubs, disks and nipples. just waiting on the spokes. I will be running Pirelli MT60's initially and may goto the Avon equivalents if necessary. Although, I still prefer the road tire, particularly as most of the circuit is road. Although, an MT60 Rain front and Corsa rear are super sticky and predictable. As soon as it is all put together I will forward pics of the bike and me in action.

Wish me luck


Good luck - Motard sounds a bit too spooky for me to want to have a go...!!! :)


I say your reply to Mary regarding hubs. I checked, you are right! I can get new stock hubs cheaper than Talon hubs.

I want to have a set of "motard" wheels for my WR so I can dual-sport one day and road ride the next. I found a guy with a set of Excell motard-size rims for $300. You see any problem lacing to stock hubs?

email me directly at

Your advice would be appreciated.




You have two, countem two chances to see some eastern pro MX w/ some WR pen pals. I am going to the Sothwick National and the Buds Creek National the following week w/ Bill. You goin'??

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