426 question


first post on here as i have just found this site. I have bought an 01 426 and was looking for a set of frame guards for it, there are lots for sale over here for the 450 but i cant seem to find any nice ones for the 426. My question is will the 450 guard fit the 426 frame ???

Great site by way, i've found lots of great info allready, cheers guys.

Check Ebay. I bought a set of frame guards on Ebay a while ago, got a great deal.

i don't believe 450 ones will fit the 426

450's will NOT fit the 426. The L/H side works OK wiht a bit of trimming, but the r/h (brake) side doesn't. It won't cover the master cylinder (unless you have a 450 master cylinder fitted, and will cover up the sub frame bolt.

Thanks for the help, i got some on ebay for £10 brand new, here are a few pics of the bike by the way, cheers.




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