YZ450 2007 Clutch for Trail Riding

Hi Guys, i have just picked up my new YZ450. :thumbsup:

I have spent two days breaking it in. The first day i rode it for about 2 hours very mild'ly. The second day was about 5 hours with a bit more challanging terain. The bike goes very well but im a little concerned about the amount of clutch fade i get when the bike gets fairly hot or the clutch gets used hevily like up a long windy rock hill climb. After it cools down it returns to normal.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am doing a full service now that it has run in, maybe the oil change will help?

My last bike was an 02 426 and that clutch could take a lot of abbuse.

Fresh oil should help. There is a product called 2twocool. It lowers engine oil temperature to help with the clutch fade. I ordered some from the TT store yesterday. :thumbsup:

Yes I have the same problem. I made it better with bigger springs, no synthetic oil and I drilled more holes in my clutch hum for more oil pass threw.

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