quick ? on xr650/xr400 part compatability

does a xr400 rear shock fit on a 2000 xr650r? Are they the same or will require manipulation to make it work.

why am i doing this? i need a xr650 shock sooner than later and there's a xr400 rear shock on ebay.

Does not fit.

I'd bet you can find a 650R shock, lot of people swap the 650R shock for a cr shock

im trying to.. I posted here on a list serv etc etc... nothing...

Try advrider.com also. That site is harder to find just XR650R stuff, but there are alot of people on there with alot of stuff to sell.

I think there are also a few CR500 forums. Might be something there...

Last, you might be able to call up some of the shops that do the CR500 shock conversion and see if they have a used XR650R shock laying around. Might get lucky. Big ones out here in California are Barnums Pro, XRsOnly, Precision Concepts.

Good luck!

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