Source of Fastline Brakeline

Would someone post a website or number to obtain all the things needed to install the fastline. BTW, what is a bajo fitting?

Oooops! Just read Clark's post again. What is a banjo fitting. Pictures of this installation would be great.

The banjo fitting consists of two parts. One is a hollowed out bolt. The HEX HEAD IS SOLID so fluid does not run out through the bolt. In the threaded portion of this bolt which is hollowed out, there are 2 or 3 holes drilled all the way through this bolt perpendicularly. The second half of this banjo fitting is attached to the end your brake line. It is donut shaped. When the banjo bolt goes through the donut (with the copper washers for sealing), it is connecting the master cylinder, or brake fluid reservoir, to the brake line. This effectively creates the flow path from the master cylinder to your brake caliper. If you have any automitive shops, NAPA, Pep Boys, etc., they should have some banjo bolts there for you to look at. Once you've seen one, you will instantly understand how they work.

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