Factory parts... CHEAP!

I was surfin' around and found factory Yamaha parts really cheap at Motoworld of El Cajon. Take a look at these prices on radiators and cables and stuff.


'99 WR400

'92 GSXR 7/11

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Wow! Those are pretty good prices. If anyone orders from this company, let us know how it goes.


Wicked cheap, and to think I actually lived in El Cajon back in my navy days!

Had to purchase a L. radiator last week. Me and a juniper tree didn't exactly get along. Called Motworld of El Cajon and got quoted $50 more than web site said!??? I called Colorado Powersports beat Motoworld's web price by a couple of bucks with no discussion. Haven't found on-line shopping for them, but phone is 888/874-3168. Let you know if I have any problems with the rad. purchase.

Ken in OR


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