Kevvie, talk to me

Hey old friend,

You mentioned MX racing.. Where exactly (which state) and which weekend. I may/will be back in California either this coming weekend or the next... Please, let me know.

After being at and seeing the Vegas Supercross, i want more....



Budds Creek, Maryland is the 16th-18th of June. I'm going to meet Kevin there. He is also talking about going to Southwick.

Try to make it :)



If you think Supercross was cool you'll freak when you see them ride in the outdoors! Supercross is very technical and acrobatic or should I say aerobatic, perfect for the resticted area in which they have to ride. In the outdoors the guy with the biggest nads and who is in the best shape will win.


Where exactly is Budds Creek and Southwick? Are they in California or New Hampshire?????



Buds Creek is in Maryland which is right next to Washington, DC.

Southwick is in Massachusettes. Mass is in the northeast corner of the US. Maryland is about 1/3 of the way down from the northeast. It is also on the east coast. It is a long ways from CA my friend.

Let me sit on this for a few days.. If I can gea cheap flight from LA to NY, then maybe I could stay at your place.

I need to see where I will be that weekend. i know I am in Singapore the week before, but I am not sure where I will be then...



Southwick (June 11) is at the end of my 11 day vacation, from Wednesday May 31 - June 11. I will be home the entire time. We could drink a lot of brew in that time, my friend! Buds Creek is the weekend following, that would be June 18. I will be doing a road trip to Maryland from NH late Friday night, June 16 to meet Bill at the Holiday Inn in Solomans, Maryland on Saturday. I have to bag ass after the race to get back up here in NH. You are welcome to spend what ever time you want here in NH. We could see both races!!

Flying into Boston (Logan Airport) is a lot closer to me. Flying in to Washington, DC, is very close to Maryland. Is that Heathrow Airport in DC??

[This message has been edited by Kevin in New Hampshire (edited 05-21-2000).]

Washington is just north of Cal right? If so, then that is certainly closer....


That is Washington state in the northwest. Washington DC is part of Maryland, on the east coast. It is something like 5 days drive from California.

Damn it.. Georgraphy, always had problems with that. if I remember clearly, I wagged (skipped) all those classes in high school. Failed the class obviously and copped a whippin.

I have a solution, I need to buy the GPS device... :)

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