fuel mileage

does anyone know how many miles you can get out of the yz tank filled to the rim?

No, but I can get about an hour and and a half doing a fairly open enduro on my '00WR (8 ltr tank - european spec) at a reasonable clubman pace. Should be able to work out a (very) rough milage from that!

Mike Hall

I did 91kms today and was on reserve for a fair while, so when I got home I took the cap off and had a look and there was no fuel are the petcock, so that explained the last few kms of spluttering. I had the tank of to check the plug, so I tip the remaining fuel from the tank, and there was exactly 200ml left. So 7.8lt went exactly 91kms.


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2000 WR400F See Photo's and Modifications

I usually get about 35 miles to a gallon of gas (except in the dunes where it drops to around 17).

I have a Canadian 00WR400 and got about 150 Kms ( which is roughly 90 miles)to a full tank and completely ran it dry on reserve as well. This was on logging roads and tight trails. I believe it is a 12 Litre tank ( 3.17 U.S. Gallons). Hope this helps, Marco

My WR with WR timing, 172 main, 45 pilot, open intake/exhaust, & stock gearing, gets 27 mpg on hard packed surfaces. I've heard about 20-25 mpg in the desert sands...

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