Jetting question

I just bought a 2004 WR450 and found some of the free mods have already been done: grey wire, throttle stop, and air box baffles removed. I removed the exhaust baffle and made the cuts to the airbox on the right side. What kind jetting would you guys suggest? I have done many searches but couldnt find a match to what I have going on here. The temp here right now is mid 90s with high humidity and elev is about 1200'. Off idle response is good and it seems to run good but I dont have much experience with this type of bike. All help is appreciated.

Yeah thats where I started my search. Seems everyone has at least one variable thats different from what I have. I still have the stock exhaust and filter.

I put the JD Jetting kit on my bike and followed his recommendations for the climate I ride in. The recommendations are without any other mods (air filter / exhasut). I put an FMF Powercore on my bike but did not deviate from JD's settings.

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