Another fuel tank query

Will a 98/99 fuel tank (12 ltrs?) bolt straight on to my 2000 WR (European spec, 8 ltrs)? I assume the 8 ltr tank is the same as a YZ tank, so there seem to be plenty of people going the other way.

Will the rad cowlings and seat still fit properly, or would I need to change these as well?

I'm not really interested in the big (3gal+) tanks - I just need to be able to ride for 2 hours on a tank (only get about 90mins on 8ltrs)

Mike Hall


The rad cowls bolt right up on the U.S. version of the YZ tank.

The 98 and 99 YZ tank will fit on a 98 or 99 WR400. The YZ426 tank will fit the 2000 European or Australian WR400. The 426 and 00 WR shrouds have a completley different lower mount, and the radiaotrs are different too.

Now I would say the fuel tank will fit if you use the new shrouds. The fuel tank mounts seem to be the same, and the 2 shroud holes in the tank appear to be in the same position.


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Bit of confusion here!

I don't think I want a YZ tank. I have an 8 ltr WR tank (standard on the euro spec '00)and I believe that YZ400/426 tanks are also 8 ltrs.

I want a bigger tank, hence my asking if the '98/'99 WR tank would fit (because they are 12 ltrs)

Mike Hall

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