On Any Sunday.. {:-)

4:30am, Sunday morning. The alarm went off and the usual, AGGGHHH from the wife telling me to turn it off. I did, and started to go back to sleep. Then, all of a sudden, "WHAM", I realised it was Sunday morning... YIPEEE. Time to go riding. Well, the next 60 minutes was spent setting up the truck, bike, tools, breakfast and shower....

5:30am, as old Willie Nelson would say... "On the road again..." The chug chug of teh diesel would certainly have woken the neighbours, but I did not care, I was going riding.... The drive down to Geelong to meet with the others was uneventful, but still exciting. Roads were rather busy, most of the late night revelers from the city heading home....

Geography lesson for you Yanks. melbourne is located in Victoria, South East corner of the country. Geelong is West South West of Melbourne. A coastal City about 70kms from Melb. In any case, I was at the meeting point as little early so I spent the time kicking back and talking to the cook at the road house....

6:45am, the others turned up. 5 of them, only half of teh group. WE had breakfast which consisted of the usual Bacon, Eggs and tomatoe all wedged between two pieces of bread. Yes, I know it is called a sandwich.... :D On the wagons we climed and drove another 40 minutes down the coast to Sams place. His house is one block off of the water at a place called Point Road Knight. The plan was to unload the bikes and then meet 7 others at 9:00am in the mountains.

So, here is where it gets interesting. of the 7 of us this morning (Sam included) there were 5 Blue Babies, a white towlette (XR400) and an orange (KTM380)... now, when you fire up these puppis at 8:00am on a Sunday morning, they are pretty load. Then, to ride these bikes up the towns streets, passing all the church goers to get to the riding areas is a little obnoxious. But, to hell with all of them. We did it with style, wheelies, stoppies, breakin the law breakin the law.....

The next hour was great. We followed Sam through some of the best riding areas you could imagine. Sandy trails that are littered with bumps, jumps, ledges, whoops, tree roots and rocks. Kind of like putting all of California in a blender and shaking it all up. Well, we freight trained for a good hour. Chasing each other down some crazy roads and doing some hair ball passes on trails that are two way. To be honest, I backed off quite a bit. Afterall, I want to avoid being in a wreck because I was stupid. Well, that lasted about 20 minutes till a friend passed me. Well then, that was unexpected. So, on went the stupid hat and I hunted him down and eventually passed him with a wave of sand filling his gob... Yeah, that felt nice, for me that is......

Oh, did I mention water and mud., Well, there was plenty of that. So deep and mucky that lets just say my balls were wet and wrinkled by the end of the day..... Some of the trails were on wide open fire trails that twisted about the natural landscapre. Well, I was in my element, passing people on the outside, inside and almost OVER. Adrian wanted to race, so, I gave him that. I stayed right on his tail for a good 10 turns, forcing him to ride over his head. Many passing ops were there, but I wanted to see how long he could hang on. I was impressed, he did well. That rock that he flicked up did well also and hit me on the upper arm..... Now that hurt. Anyways, as I hounded him, we were getting faster and faster. So much so that I knew we were both a little over our heads. Alas, Adrian overcooked a turn and went straight into the woods. He was not hurt, well, not until the wave of rocks I sprayed him with hit home... revenge, always taste sweeter when it is on your own plate.... :D

Anyways, most of the guys I was with were riding over their head in one way or another. They all evetually overcooked corners, panicked and grabbed a handfull of break rather than trying to steer around it. i guess road racing does have some advantages to motocross and trail riding. Everything happens so much faster on the road that you need to be a thinker rather than a break grabber, pucker clencher and holy man.....

But, to each his own. The ride itself was great, i thourougly enjoyed the morning jaunt to the meeting place. 8:55am, we were early... Great timing, I was very impressed at that. Well, we waited for about 10 minutes before 2 car loads of bikes, and riders, :) turned up. Would you believe it, they were all KTM's I mean, I felt like I was in a fruit bowl that consisted of fresh oranges and a few bruised ones (the Yamaha's ofcourse)... :D

Well, we refueld and then took a new leader. this guy was fast. incredibly fast. The riding terrain changed dramatically. We hit an official enduro loop that was tight, twisty and very nasty. Terrain that I had never ridden before. This tight twisty stuff is pretty hard and complicated. Took me a while to get used to it. i tried sitting the whole way through and breaking into the corner with my feet up and switching back. Well, that did not work to well and I stalled to often. So, I varied my style to standing and sliding. Worked alot better. felt like I was slower when in actual fact I was faster and could most people. Could not pass them without having a series of tooth pics rammed in my face, but still felt pretty good.... This type of terrain lasted about 2 hours. We were all pretty stuffed and I rode mid pack to relax a little.

Whoops - The order of the day. Well, we were in my territory now. Sandy woops for miles. Well, this is where all the tight and technical experts fell into my web. We pounded these sandy whoops for 15 minutes. Each straight was sandy and nasty and each corner was another rider coasting and shaking his arms. Not me, I twisted the good old throttle and kept pounding. Bounce bounce bounce... DAMN, that was incredibly fun. At the end of it, everybody was shaking their arms and looking exhausted. I felt great. I felt like I was ontop of the world.... :D

The remainder of the day was more tight technical trails with muddy hill climbs with rutts that were so deep that if you slowed down too much your bike would dig in and you would not get out... Or, if you went too quick, you were all of a sudden a next in a tree.. OUCH...... The fire trails back to the meeting point were speedway style riding for me. Backing into and out of corners the entire way. Hell, good practise for Super Motard...

For me, the day ended at 1:00pm with Sam. We rode back alone. At that point in time I was pretty exhausted, but so pumped with excitement that I was the one making the mistakes....

All in all, an incredible ride. 4 hours of flat out riding that left me sore. So sore that I am still feeling it today.


Sorry all, not my best work, but I had to document a great time.... If you like it, great, if not, I will try try harder next time... :)

I don't know Mitch....California in a blender....

I think I better come "down under" to check this out. Quailty control, pure research, though no pleasure of my own :)

I just need everyone on Thumpertalk to provide $5 to the "Research Fund" :D


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Hey wait a minute! Don't I get a cut Chris? Or maybe I can just come along?



[This message has been edited by Bryan (edited 05-22-2000).]

We can do our first WR Owners field trip to OZ!! Count me in!!

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