I've read several posts regarding adjusting the TPS. However, I am a little unclear on how to perform the adjustment. I assume you just loosen the two screws and rotate the entire cover clockwise about 1/16". Is this correct?

I have a major bog right off the bottom. I feel like my jetting is good but I can't shake the low end bog. It's fine if I don't blip it too quickly off of near idle. Any advice would be appreciated. MJ - 180, DVP #3, PJ - 48, 1.0 turns out, uncorked stock exhaust, air box lid removed, 700 ft. above sea level. It appeared to be a little rich on bottom with the screw at 2.25 turns out (80 F). However, at 50 F it ran great at 2.25 turns out, accept for the bog.

Thanks for your advice.


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