01 426

Anyone had to do the throtle stop in a 2001 WR 426 in Australia. its just that ive been told i dont have to because its done straight from the factory .Is this right?


yep, you heard right... there is not throttle stop on Australia (or European or Canadian for that matter) bikes - don't go trying to cut the grey wire either... there will not be one... we also get a pretty good stock exhaust...

Other things discussed here at TT do apply to our bikes... jetting, BK modification, airbox lid, cam timing...



Ok thanks heaps for that Very mutch appriciated

Anyone got any comments on staintune exhausts

or what exhaust should i go for?

I would leave the exhaust stock. I have an 01 Canadian model. The only modification I have done is the cam timing. I just rode it back to back against a YZ426 with a very loud FMF exhaust on it. Very little difference in power, but a huge difference in noise. The only advantage I can see from changing the exhaust is the weight savings.

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