Hey all, My working out has been paying off..

1. Situps and pushups every morning

2. Skipping every night

3. Hand squeeze exercise multiple times a day.

We rode for 4 hours straight on Sunday, fast on a variety of roads, trails, gaps and hills. The whooped out sections were a blast. I was the only person out of 13 who was able to pound them at full speed for the full 15 minutes.... I am so proud of myself. :D

I thought I would share it. :)



I am no where near the shape I was in when I raced MX. That was 10 years ago. I am struggling to start up on the bandwagon again though. I sure couldn't pound whoops for 15 minutes. Good for you on your workout, Mitch!!

Thanks Kev,

Although, today, I feel like I have been hit with a hammer. The size of a truck.... But, it certainly is not as bad as when I did not work out at all....

Damn, I feel good..... :)


Mitch, the working out is paying off for me too. I started using an "EFX" machine about 6 months ago and as far as conditioning the leg go this baby whips them into shape. I used to cramp in my legs relly bad (Im 6'6") but with the help of this machine I can ride 60-70 miles without problems. If you can get access to one try it out.


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EFX machine? What is it?

I used to use a versa-climber. That is one of those ladder climbing things. Talk about viscious. My cable eventually frayed and destroyed my pulley. The company went out of business and no replacement parts were available.

Since my knee surgeries, I have gone to a nordic track eliptical runner. It has essentially zero impact on the knees, but the workout leaves a little bit to be desired. At least it gets my heart pumping!

I've been doing the Body For Life routine by that AES guy. Well I've been doing the workout portion anyway. I refuse to be that stringent with his diet routine. But I have been eating quite a bit better anyway.

The workout has been going great. I'm stronger and feel better. And that is only after 3 weeks.

I plan on being in the best shape of my life this summer for riding. Plus I have two beach trips planned.


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Its basically a low-impact machine that you stand on and padal like a bicycle. Except you pedal in oval movements instead of round. You can increase the resistance quite a bit and you will FEEL THE BURN BABY!


Darin from Missouri WR400F Pro-Tapers, Applied TC, Clarke 3.3, YZ seat, Scotts Shark Fin, FMF PC IV S.A., One Industries Hannah Retro Kit, WER Steering Dampner,Pacemaker Computer, Andrews Powder Coating-painted gloss black

The best single piece of equipment for training to ride is a rowing machine. This will work the legs, back, forearms and most importantly your cardio vascular system. As you all know from riding when you get all of these body parts moving it's taxing on the system.

Or if you cannot buy equipment. Then the best training would be something similar to the EAS program. This involves alternating days of cardio and resistance training in a circut type environment.

If anyone would like specifics on training I can and will help. I do some of this type of work in my gym. Also do some nutritional counseling. Eamil me from the members list.

"People say I'm to old to ride. I ride and train to keep from getting old"



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Bill is spot on regarding the rowing machine! I use a Schwinn Airdyne Rowing Machine. The Rower is great for your back and has really helped reduce forearm pump. The rowing mimics much of the action involved while riding. It is also a great cardiovascular workout. I've also been riding the mountain bike during the week. Ya know those neighborhood bike ramps are fun! :)

Don't forget stretching before riding! Man, I can't believe the guys jumping on their bikes cold, with no warm-up. Hey, I'm dying to get out and ride too! Stretching really helps you get limber and reduces your chance of injury. I also seem to get less sore when I stretch?

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