Doug Henry AIR BOX - Help

G'day All,

Have any of you ever heard of a "Doug Henry CF air box assembly 3 piece , including velocity stack"??? :) Does it actually do anything? It costs AU$995, expensive for something I know nothing about..

Thanks in advance


HI Mitch

I'm back, been busy with my work recently so never got much time with the posting.

I do heard about Doug Henry airbox assembly, it is far too much expensive. Do it suck better or more air for the carby?

I have been trying out the corner without using the clutch and it is great!! I'm able to overtook some two stokers in those tight corners!! Thank Mitch and fellow guys who have given me the advice. I'm improving!!! :D

Best Regards. :)

Well done Henry,

That is what we are all here for. Generate advice and discoussion that will benefit each and every one of us.

As far as the air box goes. I dont know? i am awaiting some information from the group that manufactures the box for some improvements and stats.


G'Day Mitch!

Is this the box your looking at

I've been drooling over this for awhile..

As I recall Clark has this unit installed. He would be the best resource for info.

Good Luck!


Hey JJ,

That is the one... Does it really work though? I guess clarke will see the posting and get back to us

I'v had this air box on my bike since day one. Its been in action for the last 15 months. I never ran the bike with the stock air box. The stock airbox is in storage in a big plastic bag. I purchased it for the weight savings.

It is a bit of a pain if you want to remove the Carby since this air box is rigid, no rubber boot, and in order to get the carb out you must unbolt the rear subframe and pull the subframe back a smig in order to get the carb out.

The aluminum "velocity stack" is just a matching piece that bolts to the carb so the air horn is round where it interfaces with the air box. The stock air horn is odd shaped where it interfaces with the air box. Take a look at it. The supplied piece just replaces the stock air horn on the carb.

Since I purchased all the CF stuff along with the bike I got a large discount on all the CF stuff. I think I paid $375 US for the complete air box but its hard to tell since I got a discount on all stuff and any one piece would be tough to judge. It does look good, is a nice open airbox with more intake volume down stream of the air filter and it saved over a pound and a half of weight.



How does this airbox differ from the standard? You mentioned greater volume, but that does not control airflow.

You also mentioned the velocity unit was a more rounded carb nozzle. Is the difference between stock and modified that great? Is it large enough to improve airflow that is greatly disturbed by the filter?


Hi Clark!

The airbox looks cool!!! :)

But does it improve performance on your bike?

It sure does save weight!

Henry :D

I never ran the bike stock and have no basis for comparison. The unit definalty saved weight. If its more performance your after punch it out to 420.


I think you've already seen it but here is what DSP says on their page;

Saves more than 2 pounds over stock while improving performance. · Open design top and oversize air box allows more air for increased power. · Features carbon fiber air boot integrated into the air box with a special billet aluminum velocity stack/carburetor mount. · Oversize air boot greatly increases dead air volume for incredible throttle response by eliminating bogging and dramatically improving low end power.

Complete Henry Airbox assembly (airboot, velocity stacks, etc): $499.99

Airbox only: $349.99

I've been told it is supposed to increase HP's by as much as 4.

Boy I'm starting to think this and the White Brother E-Series Carbon and the S-bend pipe might be the way to go. That's what you're running correct Clark?

For what it's worth...


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