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I purchased a One industries graphic kit including shrouds, tank and seat cover. Got that all on using the soapy water and squeege method, looks great. :D Now I'm tring to put the pre-cut number backgrounds on and they are being a huge pain. They don't want to lay down flat, wrinkles everywhere. :) There must be some secret to success. Please help! :D

I find that a hair dryer works well. It's best to work in the sun, or in a warm enviroment, as the cold the air the stiffer the vinyl


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Just Purchased new graphics and was going to post a request for how to do. Can someone explain the soap and water method....Please!!




Here's what you'll need for the tank and shroud;

Sticker On, or its equivalant.

Here's what you'll need for the backgrounds:

A bathtub full of hot water, you dont need soap, just hot water.

A heat gun, not a hair dryer, it doesn't get hot enough.

You could probably use the tub method for the tank and shouds as well but that might get kinda messy.

I just got done putting on Factory Effects graphics on mine, they weren't bad at all. I used that sticker on stuff.

The One industries black background though....different story. The best, the only, way I could get them on is to fill the bathtub with as hot a water as my hands could handle, put the platic and the graphics in and let them sit for a few minutes. I started at the top at the hand hold and moved forward. After you get the top and front protion on move backward. You'll find that you will actually have to strech the graphic tho get it over the big humps. You'll notice small stretch lines start to form as you strech the graphic, this is when you'll want to use the heat gun. Use it to smooth out these lines as you go. The water will let you remove it as often as you want, just keep it hot, drain and refill if you have to. Each panel took me about 2 hrs! I stretched it too much and had to trim the edges but I dont think you can avoid that.

Good Luck!


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The graphics you bought fit your new YZ tank, don't they? What kind and where did you buy them? After todays ride, my graphics are peeling off.

Me and my neighbor, Dan, just came back from roostin' today. Talk about a variety. First it was a fairly steep uphill w/ all loose sand. My thumper made it up fine. Dan, and his KTM 360 had a tough time. I attain it all to 25+ years of riding on my part. Then I tried to slog my way through some DEEEP mud. The bike got sucked in. I had to get off and drag it out sideways. Then we were in some real tight, twisty, muddy trails w/ downed branches across it. I had to hop off the bike and run next to it in the prooblem areas. All those frickin' branches and logs made the ride treacherous. Next we hit a small, very, very tight crappy mx track. It was almost solid stutter bumps. Give me a 125 and I'd be happy. I went up another steep, sandy hill. Dan bowed out and took another (unfortunately wrong) trail. At the top I waited and waited, no Dan. I heard the blurp of his KTM, or thought I did. It was farther down the trail towards his p/u. I banzaied off to find him. I went down the 3-4 mile trail back to the p/u and no Dan... I back tracked all the way and followed Dan's tracks. He had taken the wrong trail and hooked up to a marked enduro loop. I followed that awhile until I lost his track and became lost myself. I followed the trail back and worked my way back to familiar territory. I found some sort of oval shaped mx track, but didn't stay for fear Dan may be wrapped around a tree somewhere. I arrived back at the p/u and found Dan. I did not see his tracks through the mudhole we had to go through to get back. It turned out Dan kept going straight where I finally turned around after losing his tracks. He ended up going left instead of right down a dirt rode. He got some directions and was driving down some paved roads into a town, past the police station. His Katoom is not licensed, and he has no lights. He slid out on the street and crashed a couple of times on the trail. He was 10 miles away! Overall we had a pretty good day. I actually felt I was on some enduro stuff. It has been a real long time for me. I only rode mx tracks. Today I found out I need the steel front brake line, a new odo cable, mine got yanked out, a P38 Lightning and I wouldn't mind a fork re-valve. I was something like 18 clicks out on compression! The only reason I went back to 12 was to balance the suspension. The bike was kicking in the whoops. I could've tried going lighter on the shock, but went up on the forks instead. I am accustomed to mx settings and might as well stick to those. I get beat up on the small stuff but would rather have a bike that handles the fast stuff, namely whoops! I mean I really enjoy tank slappers and all, especially if I end up high siding (sideways) and hit a tree. But I'll go the spode way and get my suspension right!

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