Clark and James Dean Jetting Help

Gentlemen, thanks for your response to my jetting questions last week but your response has me confused. I guess the whole excerise here is to richen up the whole jetting range on my 00 WR400 with WR timing due to the as delivered from factory lean jetting. The pilot and mainjet changes are simple to understand but i have more needle questions. You stated that the DVR in 4th position that i changed to is the same as my stock DRS needle in 2nd position at above 1/4 throttle. Since the stock DRS clip is 3rd position, am i now jetted leaner than stock at the needle? I need a tip on the best needle to use.Is DVR in 4th ok for my routine 2000-6000 Ft. riding in addition to the occasional 9000 Ft. plus riding. Remember I use WR cam timing.


Thanks, Glenn


You have understood this correctly. DVR in 4th position is leaner than DRS in 3rd position above 1/4 throttle. Below 1/4 throttle it is a mix of the richer(slight) DVR needle's straight diameter. I have not run this setting in my'00 WR. It sounds reasonable but see Clark's comments about overheating at altitude with this needle in his '99WR with WR cam timing.(Tech Section) Which clip was used at the time is not stated.

I am evaluating several needles at this time and will post my results. Early indications are the DVP or EMP.

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