Quiet SA Exhaust Options, Missouri Riding?

Hi Everyone,

First to introduce myself, I am new to dirt bikes, but have been riding for about 10 years including road racing for 4 years. I purchased a '00 Canadian WR this spring. Unfortunatly, do to travel for work I have gotten to ride it ONCE. :-(

When not travelling for work, the bike will mainly be used for trail riding in Michigan. I am concerned that the non-USFS exhaust may lead to trouble. I am looking for the best exhaust options that have an approved spark-arrestor and is quiet. When I say quiet I am talking about near stock levels. Michigan State Law is 94dB @ 20". I would like to hear personal experiences with your choices in this area.

Some of my considerations:

US-Spec WR Exhaust

WRD Disk Cap on WR or YZ can

SuperTrapp IDS

BigGun Exhaust with SA Baffle

To change gears a bit, the travel I spoke of above has me temporarily located in Missouri, living in an apartment. I am strongly considering bringing the WR down from Michigan after it has been road-registered. I would be interested in learing about local riding spots or hearing from riders in the St. Louis area.

Eric sir,

I know this is fairly far from the St. Louis area but as far as I know most people come down to my riding area (chadwick) from St. Louis to ride because they say there are no real good places up in the northern part of the state to ride. They could be wrong (I have personally never rode much up there) but as far as good technical riding goes theres no place better to ride than Chadwick, Mo.

You will have Farmington (or Flat River) MO just about an hour to an hour and a half of St. Louis. Its ok but it gets old. Lots of sand and some trails. St. Joe state park is the name of the riding area.

If you have any more questions or want to hook up for a ride down in Chadwick sometime Im always happy to show someone a new riding area.


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I live in St.Paul Minnesota and ride harescrambles here and trail ride in Wisconsin. I was wondering where do you ride in Michigan? Is there any good trails I should check out?

Anyone interested in off-road riding in Michigan needs to check out http://cycleconservationclub.org

They maintain and map several hundred miles of trials in Michigan. For a small annual membership fee you get a monthly newsletter and a map book of trials.

Originally posted by Battsy:

I live in St.Paul Minnesota and ride harescrambles here and trail ride in Wisconsin. I was wondering where do you ride in Michigan? Is there any good trails I should check out?

Battsy, AMA District 23, where I started it all!!!


I noticed you have gotten zero replies on how to maintain the 94db sound level with a spark arrestor. I'm in the same boat, live in Mich, just bought a 2000 WR. I think the only way to keep this bike quiet is to buy a stock WR exhaust. I've been looking for a used one but have had no luck.

Any other alternatives out there?

What difference is the Canada exhaust from US?

I have lived & rode in Michigan for years. I have a 98 WR400. I can't imagine riding my bike with the stock exhaust(tip in). I have a White bros e-series exhaust. I admitt it is quite loud, I wish it wasn't but I like the power.

I have only been stopped once in all my years of trail riding. About 4-5 years ago we went riding in a very small legal area around Flint. My friends and I were stopped about 5 minutes after we got there. I was riding my XR650L with a supertrap exhaust(LOUD). I don't remember if he was DNR or what but he had a decibel meter on him. He looked at all our bikes, those without spark-arrestors got tickets. He looked at my exhaust & said If I took out some disks I should pass the noise test. If I didn't have the tools to remove plates I would get a ticket for noise.

I went from 12 plates to 4. He tested the bike. Much quieter but still too loud. I went down to 2 plates, still didn't pass but was close. He let me go & ride on.

Story two: Two friends of mine entered the 6 days of Michigan on XR650L's with supertrap exhausts. They had to take theirs down to 3-4 plates to pass the noise test on the first day or they wouldn't be able to ride.

Moral of the story, a spark-arrestor is the most important. A quiet exhaust is nice but if it's not quiet enough you are screwed. An exhaust that you can modify on the spot to pass a noise test is the most important thing.



The Canadian muffler is not a USFS approved spark arrestor. The end is not removable so I have no way to install any of the baffles or a screen spark arrestor. Are you interested in selling your stock muffler?

By the way... "a small legal riding area near Flint" would that be the Mounds??

You aren't the 98 Wr400 rider we talked to on the trail in Gladwin last weekend are you?

No that wasn't me last weekend, I will be in the Mio area this weekend though.

My stock exhaust is collecting dust in my garage, being the pack-rat that I am I hate to get rid of anything, but if somebody really wants it....I would let it go. What is it worth?

I can't imagine riding the bike with the stock exhaust core in, it would be quiet but very very slow. With the core out it is fast but very loud! The core is kinda big(pulled out) so it would be hard to carry with you.

I think that area was the Mounds, I was only there once, didn't like it much. It was about an hour from my house(Port Huron), I would rather drive further north to better areas or hit the areas close to my house.



Hey, I'm having the same problem. I ride a 99 YZ400 with a stock exhaust system that suits me fine, BUT I want to take it up to Michigan during the summer. I haven't heard anyone coming up with a spark arrestor that is quiet and doesn't kill the power. One alternative I'm looking into is a kit to replace the core of the stock YZ muffler with a disk system. You can check it out at: http://www.bmp.motox.org/

I don't know if it works on a WR. Feedback from people who have it has been positive. On a 99 YZ, 7-8 disks yields about the same power with less 'bark'. 4 disks is definitely quieter, but you start to lose some snap. 2 disks is really quiet, but you wouldn't want to run it that way. Might get you out of hot water though?

Anyone else have quiet alternatives without killing the fun factor??????

Okay, I have posted I don't know how many times about this but I will again. 98 WR E series exhaust tested at 107 db's by my friendly ranger rick. Wouldn't let me ride. Purchased the quiet core insert for the E series. Took the Db's down to 103 with 12 disks. Finally passed at 101 db's with 7 disks. Loss of power but adequate. I am looking elsewhere now for a quieter more powerful exhaust. Am anxious to here about the power bomb head pipe to see if it works. I understand Stroker and Big Gun claim to have quieter exhausts but who knows. I wish all these exhausts had money back guarantees.



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