May sound like a wierd problem, but on about half of the times I go riding I have to quit because I start to get nauseated. Anyone else ever have this happen or any tips on preventing it? This is really starting to take the fun out of riding :)

You can give dramamine a shot. It is for seasickness.

Are you riding in trees a lot? Some people can get dizzy from that. You can try picking a point further ahead to focus on.

A puke smiley? I'll try and find one.

Who is this 'EVIN IN NEW HAMPSHIRE' and what have you done with Kevin???



Bryan, we need a new smily for nauseated/sea sick.


How is your conditioning? What type of riding? How long until symptoms start? Are you properly dehydrated? What altitude do you ride?


How tall all you? If you not to tall, this bike may be giving you vertigo. Are you sure that the WR400 is not too much bike for you? Maybe you'd be better off on a XR200.

:):D :D I am just kidding my friend. I was thinking more along the lines with Bill. Are you in proper riding condition? If your not riding all year long, the winter tends to promote soft bodies. I'm in the middle of my riding conditioning routine.


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Do you wear a good quality kidney belt?? They can really help stabilize your innards when riding in the rough. In addition, they also add some lower back support. I have heard of some of my fellow desert riders/racers actually peeing blood after a long event when they didnt wear kidney belts!

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That finger in the throat thing was pretty amusing. Bravo, bravo!

Dehydration can cause nausea. Even if you don't feel thirsty, carry a drinking system and force yourself to drink at regular intervals. You'll also find that you have more energy left at the end of the ride.


Be careful with Dramamine. it can make you drowsy. Do you have sinus problems? This can effect your equilibrium. If so try a decongestant before you ride. If that doesn't work just get it over with and stick your finger down your throat (I'm kidding).

Thanks for the replies, some more info:

I am in quite good condition, I get sick long before I get winded or have tired muscles. I am 6'2, 220lbs, so I don't have trouble with the size of the bike. I think I may try a kidney belt, I stopped using them years ago because when I took it off after riding it felt like my guts were spilling out...

PS, I drink lots, I ride in trees with a lot of whoops, if I am going to get sick it happens within 15 minutes of starting, I ride at the same altitude I live at (prairies - 3500'). I ended up riding for one hour out of the whole long weekend due to nausea. Next weekend - kidney belt time; I will post the results of the puke-resistance factor.

Hey JC, I am not medical practitioner nor an expert, but I have the following theory:

1. Trees. When you ride with trees near by, is ts at speed? Are you focusing on the track infront of you or the trees? When people get car sick it is due to not watching the road and suffering motion without focus. Thus, my thought, if you pass trees at speed and they effectively become a blur, it may be the same symptoms are car sickness. YOur mind tries to focus on everything it sees. Thus, when it cannot distinguish the trees and sees them as only a blur, then maybe that is the response.... Just a thought... What happends when you ride in wide open areas like the desert or MX circuits? You dont get sick I am guessing?

2. Whoops - I dont think the kidney belt is the issue. That prevents you from damaginf them and assists in back support. Bouncinjg your kidney's around should not cause nausea and disorientation which is what appears to be happening. Afterall, rally car drivers suffer more pounding than we do when you think about it. Jumping a car had a much harsher landing than a bike that is heavily suspended.

I think what you are finding is some disorientation and the result is motion sickness... When you spin around in cricles quickly, do you feel ill? Do you focus directly infront or do you try to focus on the surroundings?

Anyway, my 5 minutes worth. I hope it all works out well for you. Afterall, it does not appear you suffer this on every ride.

Quite often after riding a national 3hr X-counrty or a 2hr at 120% I'll spew my wring out when finished.

Its not deyhdration as I drink HEAPS the day before, that day and during (always pissing)

I've diagnosed it as over-excertion.

An enduro on the other hand is different.. fine afterwards.



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You may want to try diluting your water on race day with Revenge or any sports drink. Also drink a bottle before the start of the race. Revenge is found in most "high-end" nutritional supplement stores. It is made by Champion Nutrition. Also are you carbing up the day before and morning of.

I would guess what your experiencing may be a blood sugar drop that causes the hunky chunky.

Obviously I can't make this kind of call...I'm not a doctor, nor have I tested your blood sugar before and after the race. But I've seen this and had it happen to me in the gym from training legs.



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Good call Bill,

But it usually happens within the first 15 minutes. If he hydrates himself and is relatively fit (according to JC) then the would not have exurted himself enough within 15 minutes. Not so much so that his body goes into breakdown.

I dont thing it has to do with liquid, carbs, kidney belts or anythning like that. The timeframe is too short....

But, hell, I could be wrong. Like you, i am no doctor., if I was, I would be on the DRZ, YZ, KTM and Husaberg Discussion forums... :)


Well, my first guess is it's the trees. If your eyes also bug you that's probably the winner. Focus on points a ways ahead on the trail and as you get to one pick another and focus on it. It's not a definate cure but it should help.

There is something else that can cause this but it usually causes dizziness durring other quick movements. If other really quick movements can make you feel a brief moment of vertigo or dizziness you could have it. Ever experience the symptoms off the bike for a moment?


I addressed the response to Matt. He was the one that got sick after the race. I would agree with you that JC probably does not have a blood sugar issue after only 15 minutes.

Hey, are you going to join Kevin and I for Budds Creek. I have a friend on a YZf that is going to ride in the amateurs race or the hare scramble.


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