The dreaded "Whistle" solved!

I have read in the different postings of people having a whistle.

Some people has said that it was intake noise.

Some people have thought it was a radiator noise.

Well I just fixed the my whistling. It was in the front end.

The problem was lack of grease.

Where the front axle bearing seals contact the spacer (left side) and the speedo assm. (right side) there was no grease.

These bearing seals have a "V" shape to them where they contact the metal, so they specifically are to hold some lubrication.

I took it apart and dabbed a little grease in the "V" and Whaa La, no more whistling.

P.S. - This was a 2000 model

I too had the same prob, and yes there wasnt any grease. It drove me insane for about 2 hours before I located the source. Ive always heard there is hardly any grease used during assembly at the factory. Any one take apart the swing arm and find very little grease, I havent opened my up yet and would like to know, if I need to do so.For prevetative maintence.

I waited about nine months before checking my rear linkage. Big mistake, I had to replace a couple of bearings. I noticed a considerable improvement in the handling after greasing the bike from head to toe.


Yep, had the same noise from the left side seal on the front axle.


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Thanks for the diagonostics guys, my brother and I both have 00 Wr's and both were having the same noise after 80 miles or so.

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