Hey Kevvie - Here is the Throttle Stop info

Here you go kevvie... from the archives

After some reading I decided to put my throttle stop back in, but guess what? I lost it! Since you cannot order the part from a dealer, here is how to make one.

Parts Needed: 1 M4-0.70x20m bolt, 1 M4-0.70 nut, JB Weld (Super glue may work)

Take the nut and screw it approximately 4mm onto the bolt (4 mm of bolt sticking out). Apply JB Weld to the nut and bolt on the side of the bolt where the

bolt head is located (long side). Let dry for about 24 hrs. Next, cut the head off of the bolt and grind the bolt down until there is approximately 9mm of bolt left

from the edge of the nut to the end being ground down. Put some lock-tight on the threads (short end) and install on carb. File down if necessary until the slide

opens up all the way. You're done.

Dimensions (in sections): 4 mm of bolt (part that screws into carb) 2 mm of nut (thickness of nut that I used) 9 mm of bolt (end of which stops slide movement)

15 mm Total Length from end to end

Hey brother.

Email me your phone number again.. I seem to have misplaced it.... supermotard_99@yahoo.com


Hey Mitch,

My # is 603-942-7105. I am starting mids tomorrow night. I work from 9:30pm - 7:30am eastern standard (U.S.) time.

So let me get his straight. The total exposed bolt, including the 2 mm nut is 11mm. Then there is 4 mm of bolt screwed into the carb body. Is this correct?

Alright! Time to start flooding Kevin with obscene phone calls.

Nevermind, he might like it!



The obscene phone calls are quite fine and welcome. I only ask you have a woman do it and make sure the calls are "Dirty"! :)

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