overheating wr 400?

I will buy a new bike, I very interesting to get wr 400 2000 this bike overheating in tight seccions, hillclimb? my last bike was a big klx650r 94 5 years with me. did before so I fixed put in a fan. I never tried with wr 400 only xr 650r2000 but oveheating (I forget how many times)so I dont interesting until honda fix, for now My frind Are waiting for new main jet, manifold etc. and then will see if no any more overheating. and a xr400 99 is fun, ligth but no to much torque like my old kawaski. I like enduro and trail trip througs montains and desert for weekend 300 mills. cant I do the semms with Wr400 can I ride bewten 50 and 80 mph? for long time with out no problems like oveheatings. with stock gearing 15/50 whats is the top speed?

I don´t like push deep trotle but I like to have for reserv. thanks for you help a new member. this web is exelent. I am very hapy.

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