Hi guys, love the site but don't own a 400 thumper- my brother does though. I am about to purchase a brand new KTM250 EXC 2000' model. Can anyone give me any tips as to where a KTM forum site is located. This is a grouse site but not relevant for me. Any help would be greaty appreciated.



There are a bunch of KTM addicts over at www.extremeatv.com on the KTM forum, for your info.


99 WR400




i would imagine that most of the KTMers are always busy wrenching on their bikes and don't have much time for the internet :)

OK, that was cold...i appologize!

Whoa Bender!!!! My ears are a burnin' with that last comment about my KTM! With high performance comes (sometimes) high maint. vs. low perf-low maint:-)


KTM makes a very reliable innovative and quality motorcyclealbeit expensive and hard to get parts for.

In 1989 KTM came out with a Lightweight, water cooled, non counterbalanced fire breathing four stroke with the great WP inverted forks and shock. It could be a pain to start though. The 400 and 600 LC4 bikes hadnt seen anything in the fourstroke world comparable from Japan until 1998 when the WR400 was released. The LC4 is still in their line and is still a damn fine motorcycle.

Take a look at the new 520EX/C it clearly raises the bar for all the other manafacturers(wish I could have one).

nuff said


Nathan Apelbaum

99 WR400F

97 YZF1000

99 400EX

95 RA1100

KTM makes the best all around line of off road bikes, BAR NONE! I told my neighbor that. He owns a 360MXC. The craftmanship is top rate. I would stick it next to Honda. I was going to go w/ a KTM but the model I wanted wasn't available. THe WR was on the showroom, so I bought it. I do not regret it at all, I really like my bike. But if the Katoom was there at the time...???


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat.

KTM was my original first choice but availability, cost and maintenance issues made me go with the WR.

I'd rather have a bike that is running than one that is waiting on parts.

In 1995 a friend of mine was offered support for his desert racing career. Prior to the KTM sponsership, he had 2 fairly sucessful seasons on a CR500 w/ no support. As you can imagine he gladly accepted the deal. His deal was to race in the AMA District 37 Southern California series in the pro class. He entered around 25 races and DNF'd more than half of them. ALL due to mechanical problems. He returned the bikes and whatever parts he had at the end of the season. When they asked him if he was interested in continuing for 96, he declined. He bought a CR500 and funded himself from than on. He was able to finish every race he entered for the next few years. So in conclusion: I'll stick to my Japanese bikes :)

OK, i do have to admit that the specs on the new 420 and 520 EXC looks impressive. Let's wait to see how they hold up.


Me too! The 520 EXC with the "E Button".....

but they only made about 10 of the things! I've NEVER seen one for sale. If anybody does let me know! :)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F


Do a search on Holeshot Racing. This forum is simular to the WR forum.


Also, I think Dirt-Rider.net has a KTM Forum. Go to the ThumperTalk Links page for a link.

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