Is there a way to take out scratches if someone used like 200 grit sand paper?:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :busted: ? Its on the gas tank ... I need all the help I can get...

you might try comet, the powdered kind. get a rag and put the comet on it and a little water to make it into a paste and work carefully. I have taken some pretty good sized scratches that way. I am sure there are other ways, just the only one i know.

And then spray the plastics with some pro prep - greatest thing since sliced bread - and the scratches will be almost unnoticeable

i use turtle wax. it doesn't work wonders but will make small scratches go away and large ones a little less noticeable....but the turtle wax DOES work wonders on the frame:thumbsup:

buy some 600grit wet sand paper and sand the scratches out... then buff it with some rubbing compound.

Hope it helps

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