Poll? What Hand Grips Do You Use/Recommend?

Never ever buy Tusk grips. anything else should be ok.

what tank do you have on your xrl tirebiter?

It's a Clarke tank, but I can't remember the exact size- somewhere in the 4 gallon range...

I really like the Scott SX 2 grips. Some grips are over padded or under padded, these are just right.

All the little diamonds of rubber make them very comfortable for sure.



I've never tried those grips, but they look like they would do the job!

Monkeybutt parts is a GREAT place to shop online. Killer prices & excellent customer service, folks there know how to take care of customers. :thumbsup:

I had the scott half waffle and loved 'em but I needed a new pair after like 4 months. (I ride ALOT though) I now have AME's with the little triangles on 'em. Best I ever had. They're thick, so it's almost like having 1 1/8 bars. I've got big paws and it works well for me.

Over the years I've tried just about every grip out there, some I wish I hadn't..

These suckers are the best so far, with the spiders a close second.

Pro grip 791's


Here's what they look like installed.


Nice ride man.:applause: That looks like the best bike in the world!:busted:

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