1wr400+1-10paddle+1day in the sand=1TOASTED CLUTCH?

last weekend when i went to ride the dunes the first day i was there i toasted my clutch. boy was i pissed i had driven 800 kn to go riding for 3 days and i only get one half day in. has this ever happened to anyone before? does anybody make a stronger clutch for this bike? i need something the bike is just a $8300 paper weight now. is there anything i could do next time to prevent this?

Hinson makes a clutch basket for our bikes. The basket is machined from solid billet. I think Clark is using one. They are pricey, but the best. Factory Honda and Suzuki uses (or used) them on the motocross bikes. Jeremy McGrath used one on his factory RM.

Aftermarket clutch kits seem to always have stiffer springs in them. It makes clutch pull harder, but that may be all that it would take to prevent the slippage and eventual loss of the clutch altogether.

Ray, My bike has been to glamis approximately 20 total days. I still have the stock clutch. That is why I recommended the 9 paddle. It gives you a little more slip, and all the hook up you can ask for. You cant slip or ride the cluth in the dunes. You need to get on the power and release the cluth completly. If you are stopped on a hill you need to blast your way out. It is pretty fun to roost the guys your riding with anyway. I would say your problem was maybe 70% (rider new to the dunes) I remember my first trip over 20 years ago. It has hairy untill I got used to it. The group I go with now have 4- XR 400s and they run 8 paddle with no problems, 2 of the riders are beginers. Maybe go to an 8 paddle untill you are totally confortable and then step up the paddle count. I really feel the stock clutch is adequate. When I used to race my methanol fuel injected 570 Banshee up Oldsmobile hill, I was running 14 paddles now the was hard on the clutch. Chaulk it up as expensive lesson. It was pretty fun before it broke wasnt it?

Have you pulled the bike apart to see the damage yet? I was just wondering what the damage was, metals? fibers? springs?

Friends of mine have been bugging me to go some dunes on the west side of Michigan, I really don't want to waste my clutch there.

How does a paddle tire compare to a good soft-terrain knob in the dunes?


Roy, could the dunes your talkin' about be called Silver Lake dunes? If you get a chance to go there, I WOULD if I were you. These are some pretty nice dunes and alot of riding out there. Really fun in a 4x4 also.

Frosty is right, NEVER put a Barnett Kevlar clutch in your bike, it will not fully disengage when you pull the lever in and the bike will still creep forward.


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After toasting my clutch in a very tight enduro, I replaced it with a Barnett kevlar package. Never did like it - harder pull, always seemed to creep and very hard to find neutral. Eventually went back to stock and am much happier. The best thing you can do to prolong clutch life is a hydraulic system that self-adjusts, such as Billetanium.

Yes it was the Silver lake dunes. I heard you have to get there at the crack of dawn, wait in mile long lines, put a flag on the bike.... I don't know, maybe someday I'll get over there.


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