420 kit for my 99WR 400

I'v decided to do the 420 at 13.5 compression all stainless steel valves with the larger intakes. Now who do you out there in forum land recommend do the work??? I not putting in a sleave I want a coated cyclinder like or similar to stock and may want to tighten up the squish band. So lets have some suggestions!


I thought that Rick Peterson Motorsports did all the cylinders? He bores and then re-coats them with Nikasil. I know he does all the cylinders for White Bros and as far as I know everyone uses him.


'99 WR400

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I think MotoGreg is correct on RPM. The best thing about him, is that he is local, I think Azusa or Covina

Eric Gorr has been around a long time. He ported my CR 250 back in '91.

Clark - For whatever an opinion is worth, of the available platers US Chrome is the only one I would trust at this point. As you probably know, the plating process is pretty straight forward but the chemistry seperates the good from the bad. Chemistry and surface finish seems to be where many of the "platers" fall short.



So who would you recommend for my project?? Eric Gorr and does Eric use US chrome. I e-mailed Eric but he did not mention who he uses for plating/


Clark - If you send it through Eric he'll use US Chrome, and he can specify the surface finish. My 420 barrel has held up really well over the year I've run it.


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