BD D/S kit question?

My XRR has a BD D/S kit. I broke my head light case then the bulb broke from water contacting it while hot. My question is: does the blown headlight bulb affect the tail light/ brake light? Just noticed that my tail light/ brake light is not working. It was working prior to the headlight incident. According to this schematic it shouldn't cause the tail light to quit!

I dont believe it would affect t/lamp. I also have a BD kit. (XR600R) But my T/L bulb goes out all the time assumably from off road/vibration?

i had nothing but problems with the stock BD D/S tail light assembly.. it would constantly go out because of bad connection do to vibration, and my XR only see's the street.. I changed it to the Baja Designs LED tail light, which requires using a MX fender, and it completly solved the problem. Plus the LED is way brighter, and that's really good for being seen! total cost for the LED tail light and the MX fender was around $100 or so.

My guess is another connection came loose during your last crash. Make sure to check all the connections. Did the switch assembly get any damage? These switches are pretty fragile. You can dissassemble the switch and check for internal damage fairly easily. My switch has enough wear that it will not operate the tail light in the first position as the printed circuit has worn through. I agree that the BD LED tail light assembly is a good product but before mounting it you should remove the LED light assembly from the bracket & smear some clear silicone around the back edge to prevent water/dust intrusion into the electronics.

Did you check the fuse in the power wire? could have shorted and blown the fuse

Did you check the fuse in the power wire? could have shorted and blown the fuse

No not yet! Would it be near the battery pack?

Must have been cracked by a roost! Didn't crash!

Yes, it would be near battery pack, under seat. Good luck

mine has been flawlessss.

Yes, it would be near battery pack, under seat. Good luck

I'll check tonight!


Bulb was burnt!

Thanks for the help guys.

Should have asked, what bulb do I need to replace the burnt one with?

I replace my tail light bulb with an LED bulb and had no more issues with blowing rear bulbs. If you have a good Automotive Parts store near you or I've even seen them at Walmart. I believe it is a Dual Intensity 1157 bulb in the Baja Designs kit. Any LED bulb that will work should say "replaces 1157 bulb" or " 1157 series " This was one of the few flaws with the B/D kit but it was easily fixed.


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