OHV wins one for a change

A small step but a good one. The USA reader poll that got everyone involved regarding OHV's being banned from parks. Well I read today, YES vote 22% NO VOTE 78% :) 76,971 voters. According to the story this was the biggest vote they have EVER had. It's nice to win some. Article then has some quotes from both sides. The yes side had Musician Don Henley (go figure a show bis type) He was quoting some "alien species" of plants that us off roaders spread. 60's drugs did this guy in. Amazing. The no comment came from US Senator Lary Craig. Better to have a politcal on our side then a singer. Anyway, our comments count. Thanks to all who keep our dream alive. :D


Thanks for the update Mike. Glad to hear it.


Darin from Missouri WR400F Pro-Tapers, Applied TC, Clarke 3.3, YZ seat, Scotts Shark Fin, FMF PC IV S.A., One Industries Hannah Retro Kit, WER Steering Dampner,Pacemaker Computer, Andrews Powder Coating-painted gloss black

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