Scotts dampner evaluation

I have posted several times and have heard many good things about the dampner. My biggest question is how much would it help arm pump. Unfortunatley I am bother by arm pump much more than the average in shape rider.

Anyway...I had my first race with the Scotts dampner installed on Sunday. Last race the arm pump lasted 45 min and got so bad I had to stop and stretch my forarms out. This race I got a very slight pump that only lasted about 15-20 min. It hardley bothered my riding at all. I also took two potasium tablets and two asprin before the race since I heard this helps out as well.

I dampner saved me from one very very nasty wipe out. the front end got kicked out really bad and was heading straight sideways on me when the dampner kicked in and save my butt.

Overall the installation was a snap (20 min tops). Everything bolts up perfectly and they were good people to work with. I bought directly from Scotts.

I will attribute a portion of my first trophy :)to the dampner.

The price is $400 for the complete bolt on setup for regular bars. Is it worth the $400 is the next question. I say yes. I would purchase this as the first aftermarket anything for your bike and sacrafice other things if you must. It will do more than a couple overrated ponies that a $400 pipe will give you.

On a scale of 1-10

Performance ---10

Price----------5 (technology is expensive)

Price vs performance----8.5

Hey J,

Good approach. I think we should all rate new products in the same fashion.

I think i may well be investing into the Steering Damper next.



If you're after a damper let me know..

I'm a Scotts dealer (in NZ) and will do you a deal on whatever setup you may want.

Let me know.



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Rubber Chicken Racing


What kind of Deal would you offer to your WR Brothers. I live in the US and have been contimplating buying one. But they are expensive.

Did you see my reply to your after race sickness?



"It will do more than a couple overrated ponies that a $400 pipe will give you."

JLM400, I couldnt agree with you more! What good is it when you have a 50hp WR and can't hang on... This dampner is a must have item for any off road weapon. Good luck, Dan

The number one mod should be the YZ tank and seat. If you can't turn. It doesn't matter how well the bike handles in other situations.

I did the pipe first and then the tank/seat. Wished I would have done it the other way around.

Next steering dampner.


I agree on the WR the seat tank combo is the number one priority. I have a yz400 and it turns well out of the box so for me the dampner would be number one. I should have clarified since I posted this on the WR forum. But either way both enhancments are wonderful improvments over stock. But you are correct the WR doesnt turn without the seat tank combo and it is a must.

Bill, I do like my IMS seat/tank,its real nice. To be honest I was expecting a little more from it. The dampner for me racing in the desert is a must have item, I was blown away at the performance of the Scotts unit, also if you should choose to buy another bike it will fit your new one!! Dan

Dan being in the desert I would agree with the dampner first. In my last race there was one sandy whoop section that felt like flat dry black iowa soil. The dampner never let the front wheel stray in it. However in NC in the tight timber I would take the tank seat combo first. I guess it comes down to different strokes for different folks. Good luck in all your riding guys.

Question: Does the YZ seat tank combo benefit shorter riders more than taller riders?

I have a 37 inch inseam and although I've never ridden with the YZ seat/tank, I sat on Dougies bike and didn't really feel any difference. Plus, KerryT rode Dougies bike (he is taller than me) and didn't feel it really benefited him since his legs stuck out so far anyway.


All you tall guys are staring to piss me off.

Just kidding



I bought the stock tank and a IMS seat. It has made it easier for me to touch the ground at 5'11". So the benefit is to the shorter rider. Although you can get taller seat foam. I ride mostly MX and had to try to make the bike turn better so I went this way. If your bike handles well enough for you now. It's a lot to invest.


jlm400- Where in NC are you. I'm in Wilson we should try to get together for a ride. I'm also going to go to Budds Creek and meet Kevin in New Hampshire. We're also trying to get Mitch for OZ to go...interested?


I was actually refering you you being in SC in that last post, and Dan being in the desert.

Bryan, to answer your question on the benefits to shorter riders with IMS/YZ combo,im 5.8" on a good day and I just installed the new kit a few rides ago and I cant notice a difference on the seat height, you definatly have more room to roam around the bike though. Im still tippy toe!! See ya, Dan

Just to piss you all off even more.....

In europe...we get wr400's with the yz seat already on the bike as standard :-D

Yes Fluke, I've heard that from Rod in Australia. I wonder who is responsible for that? Do the over seas distributers see the need and swap out the original seat and tank for the YZ version? Or is it Yamaha that builds different versions?

Rod might know.


I'm sure Yamaha builds two different versions since the 2000 owners manual lists the different fuel capacities for the US/Canada version and the Europe/Australia version.


We also get the YZ tanked 2000 WRs here in New Zealand.

There wasn't many 98-99 WRs tha have had the coversion.. suppose there is noone bringing them in...

For you stumpie legged humanoids-The 98 YZ/WR was 10mm lower than the 99..

If anyones serious on a Scotts Damper email me and we'll discuss prices etc.



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Rubber Chicken Racing

Ok Bryan, you thought I might know ? Well here it is. And this is why everyone on this list has to be careful when making recomendations to people from other countries, as there are a few (mostley minor) differences between the 3 models of WR400's made by Yamaha.

Go to


RodH Canberra, Australia<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>

400 Thumpers Australia</A>

2000 WR400F See Photo's and Modifications

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