uk exhausts

has anyone tried or heard of how to un-tame the muffler on a uk/european bike?

They are welded up so i suppose you have to cut them open....

although i dont want to try it(without any advice) incase it all goes wrong


I think the uk muffler is similar to the Australian one

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[This message has been edited by Darren Santilli (edited 05-24-2000).]

Hi Darren,

You can cut up the end of the exhaust pipe where there is a welded. Use a saw and cut around the welded. PS don't cut through the pipe saw around the pipe so that you won't damage the core inside. Then go and buy a WR or XR end cap and fix it up (but requier the knowledge to weld, also you need to cut away the spark arrestor). to the end of the pipe. I done it, and it did improve the power but not like my after market pipe . Hope this help and you know what I am writing. Maybe I try to do a post of my bike picture. :)

Sounds like it is the same as the Aussie pipe. I have been told that you can just cut the end off, and there is a baddle in side that can be removed easily, and then just weld the end back on. I have also heard that some took a big pointy rod and stuck it in the pipe and gave it a few hits with a hammer to punch a hole in the end of the baffle. I pressume the end bit that turns down must have been cut a bit to get it in ?

Just so you know how restrictive they are, the E-Series pipe with 2 discs flows the same amount as the Australian pipe.


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