Whining noise

I was riding my 06 WR 450 up a stream at the end of the riding day where the water level was only up to the brake rotor at the deepest point. When I stopped at the end I shut off the bike for a few minutes to talk with my buddies, and when I started it up again RIGHT AFTER the starter engaged something made a whining sound for a second and went away after it was running. It only happened when starting, and even when I kick started it the same whine happened.

After I got home and took it off the trailer I started it and the sound wasn't there. I haven't had the chance to ride it again or change the oil for that matter. Anyone have similar experiences???:excuseme:

Could be the starter clutch. Put it in gear and roll it backwards a few inches. If it's the same sound then that's the culprit.

I'd like to know what my mother in law was doing there :naughty:

Could be the starter clutch. Put it in gear and roll it backwards a few inches. If it's the same sound then that's the culprit.

It wasn't the same sound as that, but it was higher pitched and did not sound like the average noise coming from an engine.

I believe the sound that you are hearing is the actual starter still spinning...take your cover off at the torque limiter near the starter and examine your teeth on the starter shaft itself. You may find that the teeth are wearing down.

My 05 wr450 has done this to my old starter and my brand new (300 bucks) starter that has less than 250 miles on it!!!.. I cannot figure out what is going on...it is not the clutch gear and not sure that the limiter would have anything to do with this problem so my next solution is the starter relay...my dealership here (canada) has never heard of such a problem and cannot figure it out either. I am lost right now and a little peeved because of the new starter. The new starter was only used once when installed to make sure it worked fine. I wanted to figure out the problem by isolation so i never used the starter since new and it is tottally screwed.

I have also noticed the sound that you are hearing when I am picking the bike up off its side when I lay it down (accidently of course) and the bike still running. Anyone else have this problem...the teeth wore so bad off the starter that the teeth can not engage....


well its not as bad as your situation. I have only heard it for one afternoon. It stopped when I brought it home and never made the sound again. It was only iguess when it got wet.

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