keep back tire on the ground

I have a 98 650l and i have a hard time to keep the back tire on the ground when im driving on or off road. Like when im on road and drive over a manhole cover. I feel the back tire come up off the ground and then back on the road. Not good on a corner and off road it has a lot of bounce. I have tried to adjust the back shock and the rebound nothin changes to much any help would be great

You could have a blown or weak shock, is there any sign of fluid around the shaft seals on the shock?

your suspension is prolly off between having the correct spring for your weight and your sag setting, and its prolly been a few years since youve had the oil changed all this will make your suspension work correctly.

thanks for some tips i will check . Could the spring be to tight

thanks i will check the oil . Could the spring be to tight

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