Kevvie, get off line. Trying to call you

Get off ya dirty Bugga :D. Trying to give you a call... :)


I am at work right now supplying electricity to the entire new england area. I don't get out of here for another 7 hours! You will wake up my wife and kids! That's OK though.

Kind of late now, Mitchy. I am out of here for 15 hours and will be back in at 10:30pm eastern standard time, 7:30pm Paciic Standard. I was working around our spent fuel pool where we store our irradiated Uranium 234 fuel assemblies for the last 4 hours.

It is a hit or miss thing to catch me here at work though. Good night, Pal!!

[This message has been edited by Kevin in New Hampshire (edited 05-29-2000).]

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