electric start

i was at an enduro on sunday and the weather was pretty bad,, some guy on a WR just had enough, and decided to cut across the course and head back to the pitts,,

he cut thro a fench opening and the bike slipped and dropped into a deep puddle,,,, only one handle bar grip sticking out of the muddy water....[i didnt laff honest].

being a YZf owner i just knew that when he got that bike out he was gonna struggle like hell to start it,,

he lifted it up,,,let the water drain from the air box,,, PRESSED A BUTTON engine fired up,, he got on his bike and rode off,,,,, i was amazed

Sounds like either:

A. He forked out the money for one of those aftermarket e-starters, or

B. He was a Yamaha test rider doing some low-key testing on the 2003 model, or

C. He was a riding a KTM and had it disguised as a Blue Bike so his mates wouldn't wind him up about it...

Welcome to the Twilight Zone... :)


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