Can't get fork oil level right. Advice??


I did just like the factory manual said. I measured from the top and set it a about 5.32 inches. To be safe, I put it all back together, pumped it, took it apart and then re-measured. It was off. Each tube was about 1 inch higher than before.

Whats the deal? Can anybody guide me with the correct process? Thanks

You can use a turkey baster or something that can be used to draw a vacuum. I use a turkey baster with some flexible tubing, 12 inches in clear or black, inserted into or around the end of the turkey baster. I have some stainless steel tubing inserted into the other end of the flexible tubing. The tubing MUST be a real snug fit to work properly. I measure and mark the stainless steel tubing however "height" I want the oil to be at. My steel tubing has been marked or etched at centimeter lengths with my optimum height also etched in it. Insert the tubing down into the fork leg to the desired line you have just marked. The tube will obviously go into the oil. The baster is held with the squeeze bulb end DOWN. Just squeeze the bulb and the baster will draw out the fluid from your fork leg. You may have to dump the contents of the baster into another container if it is too full, other wise you will be sucking and blowing the oil right back into the fork. Once you have done this, it is possible to add a few cc's of oil and check the new height. This way if you want to raise it 5 mm, you can "Add" the right amount of oil to raise it up 5mm. There won't be so much trial and error.

When you ride your bike the first time, AFTER your suspension has gotten a work out, you will want to bleed the air out of your forks. The bleed screw is the plug that is NOT centered in your fork cap. The plug in the hex head is your rebound damping adjuster. The bleed port is off to the side. Be sure you go slowly on the bleed plug. If there is too much pressure, the plug may blow off and get launched into that huge pile of manure next to you :). OK, so it hopefully is only sand but I needed the effect!


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.

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