04' yz450f for 05' yz250 swap ...

Well, it's not that I don't simply love my 450f, but honestly after rebuilding buddies 250f's/450f's/and a yzf450 I'm a bit worried ... All of them have needed better then 1k to be fixed up, one of which was better then $1500 ... I think it took me all of $500-$600 to do the entire top and bottom ends on my 93' cr250 ... Hell, I rebuilt it last year (spring), swapped it off to someone and recently bought it back ... The only thing it needed was a new set of reeds and it runs like a top ... I'm sure the 05' yz250 may be a bit more to go through, but that's a significant difference regardless ... I like that the 05' yz250 has the updated frame geometry, it handles like a dream compared to my 04' yz450f ... Am I nuts to want to swap? ... Both bikes are pretty much stock with minimal add-ons ...

I'd swap in a heartbeat, but I ride tight single track which is not 450 territory. I keep my 426 for the desert, but its hard to ride after being spoiled by the smoker. It's like a 45hp mountain bike.

Look for a 06 or later YZ250. The forks are significantly better.

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