WR450 - Rear Sprocket

Just got my WR450 on Tuesday. I had the dealer do all the mods before I picked it up.

I have a 2.5 acre pasture behind my house, so I took'er for a spin. Holy :censored: what a rush..! This bike is fun fun fun. :thumbsup:

I have been riding every night. I have only one wish..! I live in Maine, and the woods are very very tight, I am in First gear with a lot of clutch feathering through the woods, and I think the bike is geared to tall for such riding in these type of woods.

Don't get me wrong - the bike is Awesome..! And is and has everything I want. I want and need the Power (6' 5'' 275 lbs), but I am not the type that will be burying the throttle in Fourth or Fifth gear much. I am not concerned about how fast I can go.

So, saying all this :blah: :blah: :blah: is there a way to change out the rear sproket (and the chain) so that First Gear is not so tall..? And if so are there any recomendations..?



Go one size smaller on the front . It's like going up 3 or 4 teeth on the rear.

Then you still have the option for taller gearing if your riding in a less technical area by just swapping to the 14 tooth. When i had a WR I used a 13 on the front for most riding.

Cool..! Thanks for the info.

In my hast to post - I noticed there was another discussion "WR450 Gearing change 14/51 or 14/52?" going on about the same topic.

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