Any kind of rear footpeg setup for these bikes?

My girlfriend is buggin' me to bring her out for a ride. I don't think she will want to more than once though, I don't think she knows she has to ride on a 2x4. Anyone have a rear peg setup or know of one I can try? Thanks

I think Baja Designs still sells a kit to put rear footpegs on a XR600. It consists of a steel plate you weld to the subframe, and a set of XR650L passenger pegs you bolt to the plate. I don't know if this would work on a WR or not.

I do know that the seat will be no where near as comfortable as an XR600 for the passenger.


Yes Baja do a kit, it does require you to weld a bracket to chain side of rear subframe but works great and is easy to remove when you're not with 'her in doors'

I also used the plastic mairer frame guards, they can easily be adapted to fit with passenger pegs on.

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