Best graphics ?


Can someone tell me who sells the best looking graphics for my 99' wr with standard tank. Ones that dont bubble either.


Good luck on the bubbleing. As far as I know there isnt any that dont bubble. But N-Style makes some good durable graphics. The best tip you can get for applying graphics is after you put them on, dont ride the bike for 4-5 days. The graphic adheres better the longer it sits. (they will actually shrink down a little)


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Well actually it's not a YZ fender, but a complete rear guard kit that I bought from Phil Tomlin in Australia. I understand that he bought it from the US (White Brothers, I think ?)

The whole thing weighs about half that of the standard setup and looks way better than the standard agricultural gear. Whay can't Yamaha put something like this on from the factory ? The KTM's and DR-Z's have a decent looking rear end !


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You can use a YZ fender with a KTM light or a Acerbis light that is very similar to the KTM (and cheaper!)



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Nice Rod!

Hey I noticed you've got a yz rear fender, who makes the brake light and license plate holder your using? I hope your not going to tell me it's only available in Aus.! <grin>


I will measure after work and let you know how much below the fender it hangs.

Yes you can remove the extender and light very easily, then you would be left with something that is very much like a YZ guard.


RodH Canberra, Australia<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>

400 Thumpers Australia</A>

2000 WR400F See Photo's and Modifications

I think I remember that you would unplug the light assembly form under the seat, correct? If so that sure would be clean. I wonder if you should get beefier plugs if you plan to plug and unplug the assembly often? You're right from the looks of it you'd be left with a fender that looks and aweful lot like a stock YZ fender. Damn, that's sounding better and better. Is there anything I'm missing?

Oh, I guess I had assumed that you could mount a license plate to the light assembly, can you?

Thanks again Rod!


I think your right Rod, I went to look in my WHite Brothers cat and it does look like the UFO product they sell. They call it the "UFO factory fit enduro rear fender", it really does look pretty nice. The retail price is $39.48. I would only worry about how much it hangs down from the fender. I would go with the Acerbis Dual sport taillight(same one that is sold with the Baja designs dual sport kit) beacuse it doesn't hang below the fender at all, but I think it's ugly! The retail price for just the Acerbis tailight is $40.00, you still have to buy the fender!

Hey rod if you get the time could I get you to measure how much the taillight hangs dwon from the fender?

In the White Bros cat it looks like the light can be easliy removed, is it? It would be nice to remove it when I go to an MX track.

Much appreciated!


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