Help!! What is wrong with my WR400??

Help!! My WR sounds like it has a diesel engine in it. It is hammering and knocking but yet it seems to be running good. I am runnning premium fuel and the bike is bone stock with no mods at all. Any suggestions, my dealer cant look at it for a couple of days and I am worried. The bike has only been ridden 3-4 times and doesnt have 300 kms on it. It has lots of oil and coolant in it. Thanks for the info!

Knocking and sounds like a diesel...

Valves or cam? Obviously, dont ride it... It iks still under warranty, so dont worry from that perspective...


I agree w/ Mitchy...Cams and valve train, without actually hearing it. DON'T take a chance. Let the Dealer screw with it.


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.

When I went to the dealer to pick up my new WR they were showing me the starting ritual and the bike had a loud "clicking" sound. They shut it off immediately and I got another bike.

It turned out that the factory left out a clip on the wrist pin and the pin was banging on the cylinder wall. It took out most of the top end on that bike.

I would not start the bike again and get it to the dealer ASAP.

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