Lowering link

This is my first time posting on TT. My question is when using a lowering link what should be to the front suspension to accomodate the link?

While I havent yet done it, What I understand is, you slide the fork tubes up, along w/lowering link, will get the full lowering effect. I have heard folks not sliding the forks, and just adding link, but dont have any personal experiance (yet) I have a 97 XR600R, and Im only 5'-7", and I find the bike a little too tall for me at times.

And "welcome" to TT. A lot of great people on here, w/plenty of great info.

Good Luck~Guy

i just installed a devol lowering link on my xr650l and just pushed the fork tubes up about 1/4 of an inch like Coolidge said and it works well for me.:ride:

YIP, just push the forks up as far as it will allow you. IMO, they are GREAT. I had one on my XR400 and I have one on my WR250 cause I got short little legs


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