Silver Plastics???

Well, I've got several scratches in my plastics (mainly from one fall I took last season), and was thinking about re-doing them to bring some new life to the bike. I decided I didn't want to go original blue, and would like to make the bike all silver, even the side panels. But, I can't find silver plastics anywhere. Does anyone know if these are even produced ('05 WR450)? I even checked on the Acerbis website itself, and everything looks OEM only. I realize people are mainly looking to simply replace scratched or broken pieces, but come on, there has to be some custom SH!T out there???:banghead:

Thanks, but still not seeing any silver, am I missing something?

From the first link:

I think pictured with the red circle is silver - but my eyes aren't as good as they used to be...looks silver to me.

Oh, yeah, I saw that, but it's only the front fender for a supermoto set-up. I got a response from a guy at a plastics manufacturing co. that might get a little reaction, will post the email, minus personal info so as not to incriminate anyone!

Below is a chain of emails going on between me and a certain plastics manufacturer...

First Question:

I've been doing a pretty exhaustive online search for silver plastics to fit my '05 Yamaha WR450F. I can't find them anywhere, and I'm wondering if they even exist? If not, why not? I'm sure they'd be extremely popular! I understand the majority of your business may depend on people needing to replace broken plastics, but there's got to be plenty of demand for some custom colors, especially silver. I mean, you sell the handguards in silver. What are my options?



First response from them:

Well we never produced the silver color for that year. XXX is the only company that produces odd colors for the most part. The quick and honest answer is after market plastics for the WR is almost non-existent. The WRF owners are mostly offroaders and they really are not into changing out their plastics with anything other than stock. We barely sell the stock OEM colors as it is for that bike. I think people just ride the bikes and beat them up and scratch the plastics……..then buy a new kit and sell the bike. Or they may not even do that. For the most part when we make odd colors it’s for the most current bikes and they are limited, usually 300 sets.



My response to XXX:

If you've ever seen the WR 450 threads on (no affiliation with this site, just love it for it's info) with guys who are pretty proud of how pretty their WR's are and how much money they've put into aftermarket add-ons (especially with the supermoto craze), you might not agree with what you just said, no offense intended as I'm sure you know what your numbers are. Have you really researched this though, other than not seeing much response from the stock plastics you sell? Maybe that's the problem, these guys don't see the point in buying the same color plastics they already own, I know I don't.

For example:

If you get a few extra minutes, you can check that out, and see that some WR owners are not afraid to spend a few bucks on their bikes, and would argue that most WR owners probably have more money than YZF owners. Not only is this a more expensive bike on the showroom floor, more mature/older buyers are the ones looking for them. Please also note that this is only one thread from one online forum...

Thanks alot for the response!


Not only is this a more expensive bike on the showroom floor, more mature/older buyers are the ones looking for them.

Well I certainly qualify as a mature/older buyer; however, my wife might argue the mature part...:)

This is my unused marketing degree at work, maybe they'll offer me a job to do some research, haha!

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